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Adult SEL Toolkit
for 2022-23

Our top resources for supporting educator well-being and building social-emotional capacity.

Support Educator Resilience With These Resources and Worksheets

Many district leaders are increasingly focused on promoting students’ social-emotional skills—and with good reason. Research shows that SEL leads to increased academic achievement, better mental health, and greater career success. 

However, in order to cultivate these skills in students, Adult SEL must be a priority. Your district’s staff and teachers deserve to feel supported and valued, and have opportunities to build self-efficacy in a community where they feel a sense of belonging.

So, here’s the question: How is your district attending to the social-emotional development of its educators and staff? 

Our signature Adult SEL Toolkit—aligned to CASEL’s Focus Area 2 for SEL implementation—can help your district take a major step forward in supporting adult capacity for SEL. It has been downloaded by more than 24,000 educators and administrators since its original release in 2019, and is a key resource for helping district leaders strengthen staff SEL skills and expertise. 

For the 2022-23 school year, we’ve enhanced the toolkit with new adult SEL activities, protocols, and professional learning resources to help your district’s educators build community and foster resilience. Download the updated toolkit to strengthen your district’s focus on systemic SEL and adult well-being this academic year.

What's Inside This Toolkit?

✔ Panorama's Adult SEL Measures (includes 15 survey topics)
 5 Adult SEL Strategies from Panorama's Playbook

✔ Adult Growth Circles Protocol
✔ Adult Self-Reflection Worksheets
✔ 40 Inclusive Get-To-Know-You Questions for Educators

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