Case Study: Long Beach Unified School District

social-emotional learning data

Across the country, schools and districts are using new sources of data to accelerate students' progress. One of these districts is Long Beach Unified School District, which uses data from social-emotional learning and school climate surveys to better support each student.

In this case study, we highlight how MacArthur Elementary School has used SEL data to realize impressive gains in students' math and ELA achievement, while narrowing gaps between student groups. 

"If a student holds the belief that they are not naturally smart, it's going to be very difficult to address their needs in ELA and math. Our emphasis on growth mindset appears to have had a positive impact on student achievement.”

Principal Scott Fleming
Long Beach Unified School District

Today, nearly 9 out of 10 students at MacArthur Elementary School hold positive beliefs about their growth mindset, and those students who met or exceeded standards on Smarter Balanced assessments has grown by +20 percentage points in ELA and +17 percentage points in math over the last three years.