Learn how to measure and improve students' SEL, from growth mindset to sense of belonging

A Panorama Guide

Social-emotional learning (SEL) captures the mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school and life. Research shows that students who participate in SEL programs demonstrate improved behavior, attendance, and academic performance.

For many schools and districts, however, measuring social-emotional learning remains a challenge. Without clear and actionable data on students' social and emotional skills, it's difficult to determine where to start or how to best support students' needs.   

In this guide, you'll learn how school districts across the country are measuring and improving social-emotional learning to improve student outcomes, including: 

  • How Long Beach Unified School District (CA) focuses on growth mindset to increase math and ELA achievement
  • How Council Bluffs Community School District (IA) promotes social awareness to better prepare students for graduation
  • How Everett Public Schools (WA) addresses students' sense of belonging to ease the transition from middle to high school