How is social-emotional learning linked to attendance, behavior, and course performance?

Research Brief

Schools and districts across the country have long focused on measuring and improving students’ social-emotional learning (SEL)—the skills, behaviors, and mindsets that are critical to success in school and life.

For the first time, Panorama is releasing research based on data from over 100,000 students at nearly 200 schools that can help educators understand the connections between SEL and the ABCs of student success: attendance, behavior, and course performance.

A Sneak Peek of the Research from Dr. Sam Moulton  


Download the research brief to learn: 

  • The specific SEL skills and supports that correlate most strongly with attendance, behavior, and course performance
  • How districts like Olathe Public Schools (KS) and Ogden School District (UT) are combining SEL and ABCs data to address challenges such as chronic absenteeism and bullying behavior
  • How to take action on this research based on your school or district's key goals and priorities


Meet the Panorama Research Team


Samuel Moulton  Samuel Moulton, PhDResearch Director



Tara Chiatovich  Tara Chiatovich, PhD, Research Scientist                



Hunter Gelhbach  Hunter Gehlbach, PhD, Director of Research