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Educator Resilience Strategies

Gain access to strategies from our Playbook focused on educator well-being and resilience—courtesy of our expert adult SEL partners.

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Question Bank for Student Check-Ins

Administrators and educators can use these questions to check in on student well-being and supports, conduct an interim SEL skills check, and gather classroom feedback.

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2x10 Relationship Building Strategy

Engage students in brief conversations about their lives and interests outside of the classroom to elevate their voice and strengthen relationships.

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SEL Choice Board Template

This set of curated resources – courtesy of Sunnyvale School District – includes activities that can be used during morning meetings, closing circles, and asynchronous learning time.

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SEL Brain Breaks

This set of seven SEL Brain Breaks (from Panorama Playbook partner Better Kids) can help prime students for learning. Use these short activities to give students breaks and re-energize their minds to engage.

Access the SEL Brain Breaks


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"Rose, Bud, Thorn" Journaling

"Rose, Bud, Thorn" Journaling is a great way to support students to set goals, develop a growth mindset, and grow their self-efficacy amidst adversity. 

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Student Created "If-Then" Plans

Help students feel seen, heard and empowered with this trauma-sensitive SEL activity focused on building self-efficacy and student agency.

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