Hosted by Panorama Education & Second Step

61 minutes - September 26, 2017

Everett Public Schools, Wash., is undertaking a coordinated, districtwide approach to social-emotional learning (SEL). Becky Ballbach, director of student support services, and Catherine Matthews, director of assessment and research, will share how educators in Everett are coming together on their journey to support the whole child.

The district is creating a consolidated approach to behavior programs, tiered student support, and trauma-informed practices through the district’s use of social-emotional learning curriculum and data.

To support the social-emotional development of their elementary and middle school students, Everett Public Schools is using the Second Step Program, developed by Committee for Children (CFC). Tia Kim, director of programs, partnerships, and research at CFC, will present recent, research-driven innovations in SEL.

As a data-driven district, Everett Public Schools is using SEL data from Panorama’s Social-Emotional Learning Measures to plan instruction and interventions and to better understand and support all students.

Featured Speakers:

Catherine MatthewsCatherine Matthews, Director of Assessment and Research, Everett Public Schools (WA)


Becky BallbachBecky Ballbach, Director of Student Support Services, Everett Public Schools, (WA)


Tia KimTia Kim, Director of Programs, Partnerships, and Research, Committee for Children


Liz BreeseLiz Breese, Marketing Director, Panorama Education