Featuring Attendance Works, Grand Rapids Public Schools, and Ogden School District

60 minutes - October 12, 2018

8 million students are chronically absent from school each year. In the years ahead, schools and districts require new strategies to combat chronic absence and ensure equity and success for every student.

In this webinar, hear from experts and practitioners how schools and districts are rethinking their approaches to chronic absenteeism. We explore the ways districts can leverage school climate and social-emotional learning (SEL) to create positive school environments and foster the development of social-emotional skills that support increased attendance.

Learn how two school districts—Ogden School District (Utah) and Grand Rapids Public Schools (Mich.)—are using new, evidence-based models for preventing and intervening on chronic absence. We discuss best practices for using attendance data to determine the causes of chronic absence and to implement approaches that address barriers to getting to class within a multi-tiered system of supports.