Hear Tangipahoa Parish and Hillsborough County Public Schools on Climate & SEL for Back-to-School

Monday, April 26th, 2021

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As educators and leaders consider how SEL fits into their reopening and back-to-school plans, it must go beyond an SEL curriculum. SEL is part of who we are as educators and students, as well as the environmental conditions for students to access academic learning. Join this webinar to hear from district and school teams who are practicing SEL through their work in climate, restorative practices, and relationship-building. 

This webinar will cover how to: 

  • Cultivate supportive relationships, sense of belonging, and cultural awareness and action as foundational to students’ SEL in schools 
  • Leverage a restorative, instead of punitive, approach to school discipline to further both equity and SEL outcomes 
  • Listen to student voices as a tool for system change 

Expert Panelists 

  • Holly Saia, General Director of Student Services, Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL) 
  • Julia Sarmiento-Cohen, Supervisor, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Student Success Coach Program, Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL)
  •  Ginette Hoze, Coordinator, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL)
  • Byron Hurst, Assistant Superintendent, Tangipahoa Parish School District (LA)
  •  Crystal Hooper, School Counselor, Tangipahoa Parish School District (LA)
  •  Amy Fairchild, Social Worker, Tangipahoa Parish School District (LA)