Featuring Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (Ind.)

59 minutes - April 9, 2019

Students who can effectively manage their emotions and behavior tend to do better in their coursework and on assessments. In fact, students who report high self-management are 75 percent less likely to face failing grades than students who report low self-management. 

In this webinar, you'll learn about the connections between social-emotional learning and academic growth. Panorama’s research team presents new findings on the important role of emotion regulation, growth mindset, grit, and self-management, and recommends school-wide and individual student support practices to build these critical social-emotional learning skills. 

This webinar is intended for school and district leaders who are looking to improve academic outcomes by addressing the social-emotional needs of your students.


  • Dr. Tara Chiatovich, Research Scientist, Panorama Education
  • Chad Cripe, Principal, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (Ind.)