Hear Student Services Leaders from Portland Public Schools, San Bernardino City USD, and Oxnard School District

Monday, October 26, 2020

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An important priority for many districts this school year will be to support the whole child through social-emotional learning (SEL) as well as sense of belonging, safety, and school connectedness. Watch this webinar to hear district leaders share strategies to incorporate SEL into their student supports at the system and school level.

This webinar covers how to:

● Incorporate CASEL's new definition for social-emotional learning in the 2020-21 school year

● Equip teams to support students with SEL interventions during distance, hybrid, or in-person learning

● Work with school leaders, staff, and communities to embed social-emotional learning and school climate into school improvement plans with a priority on increasing sense of belonging, safety, and trauma-informed practices

● Identify and address experience gaps between student groups based on grade level, school, race/ethnicity, gender, LEP status, FRPL status, Section 504 status, and special education placement.

Guest Speakers:

Brenda Martinek, Chief of Student Support Services, Portland Public Schools

Chris Ridge, Director of Pupil Services, Oxnard School District, California

Colleen Williams, Director of Student Wellness and Student Services, San Bernardino Unified School District


Diana Lay, Account Director, Panorama Education