Hear Dr. Moulton and District Leaders from Aldine ISD, Pittsfield Public Schools, and Ogden School District on Measuring and Supporting Student Well-Being

Monday, April 20th 2021

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Students’ social-emotional well-being matters. The positive and negative emotions students feel are essential characteristics of their psychology, indicators of their well-being, and mediators of their success in school and life. Supportive relationships with peers, school staff, and family members both indicate and promote student well-being.

Join this webinar to learn how school and district leaders are leveraging new research-backed well-being measures and data-driven approaches to support student well-being this year and beyond.

We will cover how to:

  • Understand positive psychology research on social supports, emotions, and student well-being
  • Hear from school and district leaders who are measuring and supporting student well-being from a strengths-based perspective
  • Access a valid and reliable survey instrument to collect data on students’ subjective experiences of their own well-being

Expert Panelists 

  • Dr. Lorenzo Moore, Director of Social-Emotional Learning and Culture,  Aldine Independent School District
  • Ann Marie Carpenter, LICSW, Director of Social Emotional Learning and Student Support,  Pittsfield Public Schools
  • Aspen Henderson, Director of Student Advocacy, Ogden School District
  • Dr. Sam Moulton, Director of Research,  Panorama Education