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How Well-Being Bolsters Superintendents Amid District Challenges

A conversation with district leaders

Previously recorded May 2023

According to 2022 data from the Superintendent Research Project, nearly half (49%) of the largest school districts faced leadership changes since March 2020. Driving factors have been attributed to everything from politics, the pandemic, to parent group pressures. Could the crux of these issues lay in lack of support for adult well-being?

In this session, hear a conversation with district leadership about how a strong culture of adult well-being fortifies the major challenges that leadership face: staff shortages, a slowing pipeline of new leadership, lack of coaching for aspiring leaders, and other constant pressures from within their district.

Panelists address:

  • District complexities that can hinder adult well-being
  • Approaches to mentoring in order to ensure a solid pipeline of school leadership
  • What is seen as the biggest effect on students in a district addressing adult well-being

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