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Preparing Students and Educators for an AI-Powered Future

Watch this Q&A with experts in education

Recorded March 2024

AI in K-12 education is not just a future possibility, but a present reality, already revolutionizing teaching and learning experiences in classrooms nationwide. In this Expert Q&A, we dive into the crucial role of AI in reshaping educational support systems. You'll gain invaluable insights from thought leaders in AI and education as they discuss strategies for districtwide AI adoption. 

Together, we:

  • Learn how to integrate AI tools responsibly, ensuring student support is enhanced without compromising safety and data privacy.
  • Discover the balance between technology and human expertise. We emphasize empowering educators, allowing AI to augment their skills for increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Explore comprehensive strategies for seamless AI integration, ensuring every aspect of your district benefits from these advanced tools.

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