Featuring El Paso ISD and Washoe County School District

57 minutes - June 26, 2019

Understanding how students are developing social and emotional skills is a key aspect of how districts are prioritizing SEL to help students succeed. Districts like Washoe County School District (NV) and El Paso ISD (TX) are using measurement to help guide school continuous improvement processes and instructional planning.

Watch this webinar to explore how districts are adopting an equity lens to using SEL measurement and addressing school climate through data as key levers of student success.

At the SEL Exchange, hosted by CASEL in October 2019, several sessions will explore how districts are using SEL measurement to support students' growth. Get a head start by hearing from some Exchange presenters about assessment in action in school districts across the country.

Featured Presenters:

Ray Lozano


Ray Lozano, Executive Director School Leadership Operations, El Paso ISD                                                               


Laura Davidson


Laura Davidson, Director of Research and Evaluation, Washoe County School District                                                               


Ben Hayes


Ben Hayes, Chief Accountability Officer, Washoe County School District                                                   



 Samuel Moulton, Research Director, Panorama Education                                       


DM CASEL                                       

 Duncan Meyers, Senior Manager of Continuous Improvement, CASEL



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