Wednesday, December 2nd at 1:30pm PT

“If we want to change the world, we first change our internal perceptions about the world.” -- Michelle Cassandra Alexander. The work of centering equity in Adult SEL practices begins with us.

Let’s continue the conversation about implicit and unconscious bias and explore:

  • Self-awareness: How do our lived experiences and the intersection of our social identities shape our educational philosophy?
  • Social awareness: Can our educational philosophy center equity without centering social justice?
  • Collective inquiry: What are your commitments to practicing liberation today so that the future experiences more liberation?

More Information on our San Diego County Office of Education Equity & SEL Professional Learning Series.
In this three-part webinar series, educators will learn about enhancing equity in their school district through student and adult social emotional learning. Join us for one or all of the sessions in this webinar series hosted by the San Diego County Office of Education.

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Expert Panelists: 

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Steven Dorsey Ed.D, Executive Leadership Coach Equity, San Diego County Office of Education


Cap Circle


Cap Aguilar, Professional Learning Manager, Panorama Education