Thursday, October 29th at 11:30am ET

In our current context, it is clear that ensuring students (and adults) continue to develop critical social-emotional learning competencies will require the education community to rethink existing approaches to SEL and intentionally focus on cultivating a sense of belonging. In this workshop – hosted by Panorama Education in association with the Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) and the Indiana School Social Work Association (INSSWA) – we will cover strategies and systems for building belonging both virtually and in-person with students and caring adults. 

Participants will...

  • Learn concrete strategies and interventions that can be implemented tomorrow
  • Discuss systems you can build to support students and staff over time
  • Receive a set of strategies and customizable templates to use in your classrooms and school communities

Expert Panelists:

Aida Circle


Aida Conroy, Professional Learning Manager, Panorama Education