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Building SEL Teams to Support Whole-Child Development: It Takes a Village 

Originally aired Tuesday, June 14, 2022

While all learning is social and emotional, the pandemic has brought an even more increased focus on social-emotional learning and student and staff well-being. Because of this, many districts are tasked with building SEL teams, in addition to providing supports for staff already in place. According to CASEL, the SEL team is a dedicated, representative group of individuals whose task is to lead a coordinated approach and continuous improvement of schoolwide SEL implementation. For the district, building this team includes implementing new programs, training current staff for new practices, monitoring program progress, and measuring success.

Listen to the discussion to learn:

  • How to navigate internal power dynamics of a district office
  • Best practices for implementing new tools
  • Overcoming communication challenges between the district office and schools
  • How to partner with and support principals 
  • High-level SEL visioning

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