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Edweb Webinar:

Designing MTSS with Learner Variability and a Whole Child Focus

Previously recorded, August 2023

A whole child approach acknowledges the complexity of learners, the impact of context, the need to understand learners across a number of dimensions, and the importance of student agency in learning.  So many of our school and instructional systems are focused on identifying deficits in academics alone. Designing for the whole learner reminds and requires us to widen our lens to consider the different aspects that contribute to each student’s uniqueness. So what does this look like in a school’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) when it’s designed to provide intervention across academics and behavior? What are the key challenges in undertaking and sustaining this approach? 

Reflecting on feedback from districts about the state of their MTSS, hear an engaging discussion around how we can take a whole child approach to MTSS leveraging student voice, data, and intervention strategies from Panorama Playbook and the Learner Variability Project.

Watch the recording to:

  • Hear why a whole child, data-informed approach to MTSS matters;
  • Understand how to address learner variability across the tiers of MTSS.
  • Discover common challenges and solutions in implementing MTSS 


Jessica Jackson, Director of Professional Learning, Learner Variability Project, Digital Promise

Takeru "TK" Nagayoshi, Professional Learning Director, Community Events, Panorama Education

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