Previously recorded, November, 2022

Research shows that successfully engaged families find that their students earn higher grades, score higher on tests, develop better social skills, and are more likely to graduate. The bottom line is, when families are engaged in school, their children are more likely to succeed. From the district’s perspective, the challenges lie in: 

  • Being fully prepared and informed by whole-child data, in order to have meaningful conversations with student's caregivers. 
  • Creating staff understanding of the importance of community engagement. 
  • Equipping staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to support family engagement. 
  • Taking steps to reduce family’s barriers through targeted strategies that build authentic family-school partnerships.
  • Grounding your district's strategic planning in an evidence-based family engagement framework.


Hear how District leaders are addressing these challenges and feeling more prepared to support families in their districts. 


Dwight Carter, Director of Student Support Systems, Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical School District (OH)

Jon Krol, Director of SEL & Equity, Wachusett Regional School District (MA)

Andrea Wheeler, M.Ed., M.A., Educational Services Coordinator, Federal Programs, Edmond Public Schools (OK)

Moderated by Bridget Knaperek, Senior Account Director, Panorama Education