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Edweek Webinar

How to Build a Community of Educator Well-Being in Your District

Previously recorded, August 2023

Promoting student wellbeing starts with adults. In schools where educators develop strong communication and trust, teachers are more likely to learn from each other, stay in the profession, and boost student performance. Is your district attending to the social-emotional development and self-care of educators and staff? 

Watch this panel conversation with Megan Marcus, Founder and Partner of FuelEd who will share how they have helped districts leverage secure relationships to heal trauma in educators and students, so teaching and learning can thrive, and Dr. Kim Dryier, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services at Consolidated High School District 230, as they share how they are strategically building thriving adults across their district. You’ll hear actionable examples of how to equip the adults in your district with tools to increase their own social, emotional, behavioral health (SEBH).

By the end of the hour, you’ll understand different approaches to adult SEL as well as how to measure, implement, and cultivate a culture of health and wellness for your school community. 


Dr. Kim Dryier, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Consolidated High School District 230 (IL)

Megan Marcus, Founder, FuelEd

Moderated by Bridget Knaperek, Account Manager, Panorama Education

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