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Edweek Webinar

MTSS Practices That Really Matter for Students

Previously recorded, October 2023
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Data and instruction are at the core of any MTSS (multi-tiered system of supports). But how can your MTSS truly center the whole child—moving beyond a focus on theoretical systems to specifics such as name pronunciation and student birthdays?

When your students are more engaged in the classroom, their attendance improves. When they have a strong relationship with their teacher, their behavior improves. And, when they have good self-management and self-efficacy, they achieve better grades. All of these skills, when built as foundational Tier 1 practices in your MTSS, contribute to better student outcomes–for every student. 

Hear from districts who are successfully supporting the whole child by:

  • Setting clear goals for their MTSS implementation
  • Leveraging a library of research- and evidence-based Tier 1 supports
  • Gathering feedback for continuous improvement


Dr. Laverne Mattocks-Perry, Senior Executive Director, Student Support Services, Durham Public Schools (NC)
Scott Bell, Director, College and Career Readiness, Granite School District (UT)
Angela Jones, Associate Director, MTSS, Granite School District (UT)

Moderated by Gracie Kaul, Senior Account Manager, Panorama Education

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