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Edweek Webinar

Leveraging Student Voice for Teacher Retention & Development

Previously recorded, March 2024

Research shows that student feedback is an accurate and consistent measure of teacher quality. In fact, John Hattie identifies listening to student voice as one of the best ways to improve staff retention. Not only do students feel valued when their voice is heard, but this type of feedback is also a method for bolstering teacher well-being and identifying professional growth areas. Teacher evaluations are more authentic and valuable when students are part of the assessment process. Knowing this, how do districts establish a survey system, and then make survey data actionable for teachers? Join this webinar to hear what the research says about providing more frequent, specific feedback on classroom practice and how it can lead to improvements in teacher performance and student achievement, and to learn how districts emphasize teacher retention and development through a cycle of student feedback.

We explore:

  • What the research says about how performance feedback affects student achievement
  • Creating staff understanding of the importance of student feedback
  • Selecting tools to collect informative and actionable student voice data
  • Using the student perspective to support professional growth and development
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the feedback system and how it impacts teacher retention



Sylvia Sullivan, Ed.Sl Manager - Employee Performance and Support, Memphis-Shelby County Schools
Courtney Skipper, Employee Performance & Support Advisor, Memphis-Shelby County Schools
Dr. Andrew Wayne, Managing Researcher, AIR 

Moderated by Damion Lewis, Manager, Teaching & Learning, Panorama Education

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