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Strong Foundations: Embed the Science of Reading in Your MTSS

Sharing best practices for literacy instruction and interventions
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Previously recorded October 2023

Our ability to read, write, and comprehend text is foundational, serving as the building block to every academic subject. And yet, literacy scores have sharply declined among elementary and middle school students in the past two years. Students need evidence-based instruction, interventions, and innovative solutions at all levels of our school communities.

Join this expert Q&A to hear practitioners share how they embed the science of reading in their multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). Together we will:

  • Understand the evidence supporting the importance of literacy
  • Identify common barriers to acquiring literacy skills in post-pandemic schools
  • Gain insight into various theories of literacy and the science of reading
  • Share best practices for evidence-based  literacy instruction (Tier 1) and interventions (Tiers 2-3)
  • Explore how to establish strong literacy foundations within an MTSS

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