Hosted by Education Week and Panorama Education

At Denver Public Schools (DPS) and in every district in Rhode Island, family and community engagement empowers parents to be partners in creating great schools. In this webinar, leaders from DPS and from the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) share strategies for engaging all families in the service of student success.

Included in this recording: 

  • Dr. Karen Mapp of the Harvard Graduate School of Education discusses the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for family engagement.
  • Landon Mascareñaz, executive director for strategy development and family empowerment at DPS, presents how this urban district has put the Framework into practice to build strong family-school partnerships.
  • Commissioner Ken Wagner and Peg Votta, research specialist, from RIDE share how the state department of education supports districts’ coordinated efforts to promote family-school partnerships that improve schools.

DPS and RIDE administer family surveys with Panorama Education to hear parents’ feedback and to show families that their partnership is vital for improving schools.

Featured Speakers:

karen-mapp.pngKaren Mapp, Ed.D., senior lecturer and faculty director of education policy and management, Harvard Graduate School of Education 


landon.pngLandon Mascareñaz, Ed.L.D., executive director, strategy development and family empowerment, Denver Public Schools


peg.pngPeg Votta, research specialist, Rhode Island Department of Education



ken.pngKen Wagner, Ph.D., commissioner, Rhode Island Department of Education



michael.pngMichael Templeton, Principal at Ella Risk Elementary School in Central Falls School District (Rhode Island)


amy.pngAmy Burns, Principal at Central Falls High School in Central Falls School District (Rhode Island)




Brian Rainville is Director of Educator Engagement at Panorama Education and a former teacher and district administrator.