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Webinar Series

Focus on Learning Recovery:

A 3-Part Virtual Series


Join us for an engaging and informative series, "Focus on Learning Recovery," designed to support educators, administrators, and educational stakeholders in addressing the challenges of learning loss, adapting to the new normal, and forging a new way forward. This comprehensive series combines practical advice, strategies to implement tomorrow, and product demonstrations to equip participants with valuable insights, strategies, and tools to address learning loss in their districts.


WATCH ON DEMAND Session 1: Navigating the New Normal: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities to Address Learning Recovery

Recorded Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Several years out, schools are still feeling the effects COVID-19. But until now, research on pandemic-related impacts has largely been focused on students’ academic outcomes and mental health. Little to no research has been published on how students’ subjective experiences of school and learning has changed, despite being a key component of student success.

To fill that knowledge gap, Panorama’s Data Science and Applied Research team completed a three-year study of over 200,000 students’ learning-related experiences during the pandemic. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of its kind. In this session data scientist Sam Moulton will frame our latest pandemic research trends and 2023 National Teacher of the Year, Rebecka Peterson and Dr. Kevin McGowan, National Superintendent of the Year, will offer reflection and reaction to the data, including how educators can anchor on relationships, community, and connection in classrooms to outline a vision for 2023-2024.

Drawing on their expertise, our panelists will discuss key elements involved in effective learning recovery best practices, including identifying opportunities to align “catch-up growth” and “annual growth”, the importance of providing whole child support, and leaning into data-informed decision-making.

Rebecka Peterson, 2023 National Teacher of the Year

Dr. Kevin McGowan, 2023 National Superintendent of the Year, Brighton Central School District

Samuel T. Moulton, Ph.D., Data Science and Applied Research Team, Panorama Education

Takeru "TK" Nagayoshi, Professional Learning Director: Community Events, Panorama Education


WATCH ON DEMAND Session 2: Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies for Learning Recovery

Recorded Wednesday, August 23, 2023

While there’s no silver bullet to addressing learning recovery, educators can implement tried and true strategies that assess their learning gaps, provide targeted interventions, and put students on the path to academic recovery and growth. Led by our Teaching & Learning (T&L) team, this webinar will examine an interventions framework to help you determine how to select interventions in your learning recovery journey. From “Leave One/Add One” to “Student Attendance Plans,” participants will not only learn new evidence-based strategies to implement in their classrooms and school but also how to select interventions that prioritize learning recovery.


Kyla Haimovitz, Director of Education Technology, Digital Promise


Takeru "TK" Nagayoshi, Professional Learning Director: Community Events, Panorama Education

Nick Woolf, Playbook Content Director, Panorama Education


WATCH ON DEMAND Session 3:  Live Demo: Interventions and Strategies to Address Learning Recovery

In the final session, we demonstrate how our intervention dashboard provides a holistic picture of student progress that informs opportunities to align "catch-up growth" and "annual growth" of all students. We also share how our MTSS tool, Student Success, can help you identify needed interventions, track student progress, and progress monitor, ensuring implementation fidelity.

With the Panorama Team

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