Previously recorded on Wednesday, April 27th (45 min)

Back to School time is the perfect time to gauge how your teachers and your students are feeling about the new school year! Energize your school culture and climate by amplifying the voices that create it. Learn how our research backed Panorama Surveys are created with the student and teacher in mind and how to leverage the data to drive informed decisions that enhance the Social and Emotional Learning in your school and district.

In this live demonstration, we share purpose and best practices for using Panorama’s Student and Adult SEL Surveys to:

  • Build each student’s SEL competencies by measuring and supporting soft skills like growth mindset, self efficacy, social awareness, and self management
  • Create a thriving environment by building positive, equitable, and supportive environments for student learning.
  • Develop teacher and staff SEL and well-being and capacity to support every student’s SEL development

Featuring the Panorama Team:


Tyler Schlagenhauf headshot-modified-1


Tyler Schlagenhauf, Product Marketing Manager, Panorama Education




casey hill-modified


Casey Hill, Outreach, Panorama Education






David Kowalski, Research, Panorama Education