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Improving Your MTSS with an Effective Check-In/Check-Out Process

Watch a demonstration of Panorama's MTSS tools

Previously recorded April 2023

Check-in/Check-out (CICO) is the most common Tier-2 behavior intervention and in fact is often the “go-to” intervention for many schools. However, many schools lack an easy and structured way to reliably track student progress and keep supporting adults - Tier 2 teams / school admins, champions, teachers -  informed and aligned. 

Watch this demo where we share how Panorama’s MTSS  tools can streamline CICO and other Tier-2 behavior Interventions.

In this demonstration, we share how to:

  • Build out effective and aligned staff teams for CICO
  • Use behavior incident data to identify students most likely to benefit from CICO
  • Chart and view student progress towards goals over time 
  • Follow best practices through an evidence-based points system and standardized templates
  • View key measures of fidelity such as percent of interventions up to date and number of students meeting their behavioral goals.

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