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Practical Classroom Management Interventions for a Strong Start to the School Year


Watch a demonstration of Panorama’s Behavior Tools for effective classroom management. 
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Previously Recorded July 2023

A strong start sets the tone for the entire school year. Beginning with the best intentions yet lacking a plan and tools can derail the entire classroom. Align your classroom management intentions with tools to evaluate and adapt your practices as the year goes on. 

In this demonstration, we cover ways to address the most common challenges in behavior interventions such as creating more time for planning with streamlined intervention tools, delivering a consistent intervention with ongoing monitoring, and applying structure to an intervention plan with custom evidence-based strategies at your fingertips. 

In this demonstration, we share how to:

  • Identify trends in behavior data across your school and district
  • Implement flexible, targeted supports
  • Understand the impact of behavior interventions

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