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Improve School Climate with Strategic Student Feedback


Watch a demonstration of Panorama’s Student Survey and Check-In’s tools for monitoring student well-being
July 2023 Live Demo Banner Image

Previously recorded, September 2023

Create a vibrant school culture by nurturing a positive environment. By actively seeking and amplifying student voice, you lay the groundwork for building meaningful connections and making a positive difference. We know those first weeks of school are critical for establishing teacher-student connections and essential to that is gathering feedback in a timely manner. To continue to foster positive outcomes and success in the classroom you can “Check-In” on your students to ensure positive well-being throughout the school year.

In this demonstration, you’ll experience our award winning platform that allows you to not only gauge, but evaluate valuable student feedback that will allow you to act and uncover a need for early intervention and continue to “check-in” on student progress towards positive outcomes.

We share how to:

  • Use systems of feedback to support continuous improvement
  • Adapt data collection tools and processes for your context and needs
  • Understand the impact of elevating student voice through targeted feedback

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