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Live Demo

Using SEL Data to Inform Your District’s MTSS Approach

Previously recorded, August, 2022

Schools and districts are shifting to focus on students’ social-emotional learning (SEL): the skills, behaviors, and mindsets critical to success. But how do SEL competencies align with attendance, behavior, and course performance? And how can this emphasize areas of concentration within your school district’s MTSS framework?

In this session, we explore the connection between SEL and the ABCs (attendance, behavior, and course performance) and learn how to better support the whole child.

Watch this demonstration where we share:

  • The research on how social-emotional learning links to the ABCs of student success.
  • Which SEL competencies correlate most strongly with attendance, behavior, and course performance.
  • Strategies to take action based on these findings from districts that combine data across SEL and their MTSS platforms.

Panorama Presenters

Tyler Schlagenhauf, Product Marketing Manager, Panorama for SEL

Tara Chiatovich, Research and Data Scientist, Panorama Education

Jen Cheski, Inside Sales, Panorama Education 

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