Live webinar recording with Aaron Feuer and Elizabeth Loehr:


Educators are tremendously interested in helping their students develop grit, social awareness, self-management skills, growth mindset, and self-efficacy.

In this interactive presentation, Aaron Feuer and Elizabeth Loehr discuss how schools measure their students' social-emotional skills and focus on growing their competencies and school supports for social-emotional learning. 

Webinar Presenters:

Aaron Feuer - Co-Founder and CEO of Panorama Education. He has worked with thousands of schools across the country to help them measure and improve the social-emotional learning of 600,000 students, and counting.

Elizabeth Loehr - Client Success Manager at Panorama Education. As a classroom teacher in Chelsea, Mass., Elizabeth Loehr developed programs to develop students' social-emotional learning competencies and now works directly with Panorama's districts to provide teachers and school leaders with tools to access classroom strategies to improve social-emotional learning. Read Elizabeth's recent blog post, "A Teacher's View on Social-Emotional Learning".