Recorded on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 (45 min)

As the school year begins, schools and districts are moving from planning to execution, particularly with the systems they have designed and developed for supporting students.  At the core of one of these systems, MTSS, are processes for educators to effectively interpret and intervene using data.  They will ask questions like, what data is most important? What trends are worth understanding? Which data should be used for determining interventions and supports? 

In this session, we explore answers to these questions and more with a specific focus on the role Behavior data plays in MTSS.

Join this live demonstration where we share:

  • Key behavior data to include in your district and school MTSS 
  • How districts interpret behavior data alongside Attendance, Academics, and Social-Emotional Learning Data in MTSS
  • Behavior trends and insights to look for as the year begins 
  • Evidence-based interventions and strategies to take action based on trends in behavior data 


Featuring the Panorama Team:


Emelie Bauer


Emelie Bauer, Outreach Director, Panorama Education





Andrew Schaper, Senior Researcher, Panorama Education



Zeke Vainer-modified


Zeke Vainer, Product Marketing Manager, Panorama Education