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This spring, Panorama launched Community Cohorts, a new professional learning and networking opportunity available to any K12 educators and leaders across the country. 

In this difficult time, we believe our strength (and potential solutions) can be found in community. The purpose of this virtual program is to bring together education professionals in similar roles to learn from and support one another while schools are closed. There are four distinct cohorts for district administrators, school administrators, counselors, and teachers. Cohorts meet weekly over four weeks.

What would I gain by participating? 

  • Connect with and build lasting professional relationships with leaders and educators in a role similar to yours 
  • Learn about effective practices others are using, and workshop challenges with like-minded professionals
  • Access ready-to-use resources to support educators and students during this time

What are the sessions like? 

Sessions are interactive and interpersonal, so not your standard webinar! If you’d like to participate in a cohort, please do set an intention and do your best to attend all 4 weekly sessions. Please plan to attend with your video and audio on (if possible -- we’re all adapting to meeting virtually and with children and pets at home!). Be ready to talk with colleagues. There will be encouraged opportunities to engage with content and with one another between sessions, but there will not be significant home learning required.

What are the key themes covered in these sessions?

Each cohort is exploring the following themes together, focused on the unit of impact most relevant to them given their role and educational context: Facilitating Community Connectedness, Communicating with Stakeholders, Leveraging Technology to Support Virtual Learning, and Planning for Re-Opening and the Other Unknowns.

Cohort Leaders:

Clarissa Bridges

Becky Barstein

Aida Circle

Cap Circle





Nashaira Ofori

Celie Circle

Doug Hassett

Demetrius Lancaster