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Introducing Panorama for Positive Behavior

Watch a demonstration of Panorama for Positive Behavior

Originally aired Wednesday, June 8, 2022

From the classroom to the central office, educators are struggling to manage an increase in behavior incidents since returning to in-person learning. Panorama for Positive Behavior brings together the tools, systems, and insights you need to build educator capacity for improved student outcomes. With its proactive, educator-focused approach to boosting student engagement and behavior, Panorama’s newest solution offers caring adults across the district the opportunity to work together to foster the safe, positive school climates where all students thrive. Composed of streamlined incident logging, insightful behavior dashboards, and Behavior Boost – an app designed to promote research-based, universal supports such as behavior-specific praise–Panorama for Positive Behavior is a powerful platform built to empower educators to cultivate positive learning environments where students thrive.

Watch this live demonstration where we share how you can:

  • Simplify the process of documenting behavior incident data across your district for teachers and administrators alike
  • Review behavior incident data to understand trends and  provide support and interventions for both teachers and students
  • Shift your district from reactive, punitive, student-focused approaches to proactive, positive, system-focused practices, leaning into the research-based practice of behavior-specific praise

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