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Problem of Practice: Closing the Literacy Gap with the Science of Reading

Evidence-based and research-backed strategies for educators by educators

Previously recorded, December 14th, 2023

Literacy enables students to unlock their path to success in school and beyond. Yet, we’re confronted with the sobering reality of widening gaps in student literacy skills. As school and district leaders grapple with how to close these gaps, we want to ensure that our supports and interventions are grounded in evidence-based approaches such as the science of reading. Watch this Problems of Practice webinar to deep-dive into the “literacy gap problem.” We unpack three systems-based solutions and tackle this problem through expert-led insights and learnings from the science of reading. Together, we:

  • Diagnose the “literacy gap” problem and implications on students, examining the research and reasons behind why, how, and when this problem tends to occur
  • Analyze three solutions to the problem, including their pros and cons, case studies, and implications for practice and implementation at the school and district level
  • Share relevant toolkits and other resources, such as those on tier 2 and 3 interventions, progress monitoring, and strategies from the Playbook interventions library


The Problems of Practice webinar series tackles your school and district problems. We diagnose and analyze solutions based on case studies, expert opinion, and evidence and research-backed insights.

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