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What You Need to Ask About School Climate in Your District

May 2024

Recorded May 2024

Decades of research consistently show what educators often see first-hand: a healthy and vibrant school climate leads to better student outcomes in academic achievement, student well-being, behavior, attendance, and relationships. Today, researchers and education leaders consider school climate a key lever for fostering safe, supportive communities. We know the best way to learn about students' perceptions of the physical, social, and psychological aspects of their school and classroom is to ask them. But taking the next steps can feel daunting. How can districts have an impact and take action on this feedback?

Hear how districts have created an exemplary school climate and reaped the benefits with academic, behavior, and attendance improvements through:

  • Measuring the effects of school climate on attendance, behavior and coursework
  • Building the capacity of staff to lead and implement their work with passion, enthusiasm, and efficiency
  • Engaging the strengths of all school stakeholders
  • Monitoring implementation efforts using data evidence
  • Integrating school climate improvement efforts into ongoing practices, structures, and routines
  • Empowering student voice by involving students in decision-making processes
  • Fostering positive relationships and partnerships with families and community members

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