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Strategies to Keep and Grow Teachers in Your District

June 2024

Recorded June 2024

Retaining teachers is one of the biggest challenges for districts across the country since the COVID-19 pandemic. While we hear of an uptick in teacher-prep programs, turnover rates are still higher than pre-pandemic and demand for teachers continues to outpace the teacher pipeline. As an issue that can feel outside the locus of control for many districts, how can school leaders begin to address retention, attrition, and development for their current teaching population?

Hear from researchers and districts on how to provide ongoing support and development to stem the tide of attrition. 

This session explores:

  • Ways to elevate staff voice and effectively address their input
  • Mentoring and professional development programs tailored to staff need
  • Accessing funding to support teacher development
  • Four retention strategies you can employ tomorrow! 

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