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Supercharge Your Early Warning System with Relationships

Recorded May 2024

An Early Warning System (EWS) is highly effective at helping districts flag issues in attendance, behavior, and coursework (the ABCs). But to go beyond identification and truly impact outcomes, districts must consider their students’ relationships with adults, peers, and school staff. According to Dr. Robert Balfanz, Principal Investigator and Researcher at Everyone Graduates Center, “By focusing on connectedness first, schools have helped many [identified] students rebuild academic and social habits, and they are able to target more extensive academic and behavioral interventions on the remaining students who need them most.” Learn how course performance, behavior and absenteeism can be positively impacted through a focus on students' connectedness.

Watch to learn how to build strong student relationships and supercharge your district’s EWS.

Together, we will:

  • Hear the research on how a traditional EWS can benefit from a relationship-centered approach.
  • Identify how school policies and practices can stop or slow the decline of students starting to slide off track.
  • Learn how to fine-tune data collection to correctly identify root causes for problems like attendance and behavior.
  • Explore evidence- and research-based interventions that build supportive relationships between adults and students who have become disengaged.


MODERATED BY Takeru 'TK' Nagayoshi, Senior Customer Advocacy Manager, Panorama Education

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