Webinar hosted by Panorama and AASA

60 minutes -- April 12, 2018 

Ready for Tomorrow

In this webinar, superintendents Dr. John Marschhausen, Ms. Margo Martin, and deputy superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien teamed up to discuss using social-emotional learning (SEL) measurement to support the whole student.

Learn how districts are incorporating SEL into the profile of a graduate, including how Hilliard City Schools (OH) prepares students who are "Ready for Tomorrow" and how Racine Unified School District (WI) focuses on a North Star Vision for college and career readiness.

District leaders also share strategies for using “whole child” data at the district, school, and student levels—like how Groton Central School District (NY) uses Panorama Student Success to visualize indicators of student learning and development.

Topics covered include:

  • Building staff capacity and engaging the community around social-emotional learning
  • Developing a holistic vision of a graduate and using tools to measure multiple indicators of readiness for college and career
  • Best practices for using data on a consistent basis to support students

Featured Speakers:


John_Marschhausen.pngJohn Marschhausen, Superintendent, Hilliard City Schools (OH) 



Molly_Walker.pngMolly Walker, Director of Social Emotional Learning and Measurement, Hilliard City Schools (OH) 


eric-gallien.pngEric Gallien, Deputy Superintendent, Racine Unified School District (WI) 


andrea-rittgers.pngAndrea Rittgers, Director of Student Services, Racine Unified School District (WI)


Margo_Martin.pngMargo Martin, Superintendent, Groton Central School District (NY)



Kent_Maslin.pngKent Maslin, Principal, Groton Elementary School (NY)



elizabeth_breese.pngElizabeth Breese, Marketing Director, Panorama Education (MA)