Hosted by Education Week and Panorama Education

For leaders in Washoe County School District, Nev., and Long Beach Unified School District, Calif., supporting students’ growth in social-emotional learning (SEL) is critical to their vision of student success. In this webinar, Assistant Superintendent Chris Lund (Long Beach Unified School District) and Director of Research and Evaluation Laura Davidson (Washoe County School District) share their experiences using data at the school- and classroom-level to support students in developing SEL skills.

This webinar highlights how school and district leaders can collect and use data to support the development and growth of students’ SEL skills. Using real-world examples, these leaders share strategies for engaging students, families, and teachers in the work of SEL.

Washoe County School District, Long Beach Unified School District, and other districts and schools across the country partner with Panorama Education to administer research-backed SEL and school climate surveys and to access interactive reports and dashboards. 

District Leaders:

Christopher LundDr. Christopher Lund is Assistant Superintendent of Long Beach Unified School District (Calif.). 


Scott FlemingScott Fleming is Principal at MacArthur Elementary in Long Beach Unified School District (Calif.). 


Laura DavidsonDr. Laura Davidson is Director of Research and Evaluation at Washoe County School District (Nev.).


Jennifer HarrisJennifer Harris is Program Evaluator in Washoe County School District (Nev.).



Jako CaillesJoko Cailles is a student at Wooster High School in Washoe County School Disitrct (Nev.).



Brian Rainville

Brian Rainville is Director of Educator Engagement at Panorama Education and a former teacher and district administrator.