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20 Evidence-Based High School Interventions for Your MTSS


Strategies to incorporate into your district-wide intervention menu

A strong MTSS empowers educators to use evidence-based practices to meet the social-emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of all students. However, finding evidence-based interventions can be especially challenging in a high school setting. 

Many intervention strategies can feel inauthentic and miss the mark when it comes to engaging high schoolers. That’s why we're sharing 20 evidence-based, age-appropriate interventions for high school students from Panorama's Playbook.

In this toolkit, you’ll find interventions across attendance and climate, behavior, ELA, mathematics, and social-emotional learning. Incorporate these strategies into your district-wide intervention menu to ensure school and district leaders have high-quality tools to support high schoolers. 

Download the toolkit to get started. 

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