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21 Reading and Writing Interventions for Your MTSS

Strategies Aligned to the Science of Reading
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ELA interventions to share with your school and district teams

The 2022 and 2023 NAEP reports showed sharp declines in literacy scores among elementary and middle school students—so continuing to center reading, writing, and early literacy is crucial this academic year. Having access to high-quality ELA interventions, aligned to the Science of Reading, is a critical component for learning recovery.

In this toolkit, you'll find 21 strategies in the central areas of ELA support: academic mindsets and metacognition, fluency and comprehension, writing and vocabulary, and early literacy—all informed by the Science of Reading. Each strategy, provided by Panorama's Playbook, includes detailed implementation instructions and step-by-step guides for classroom use.  

  • District Leaders: Incorporate these strategies into your district-wide intervention menu. You can also share these resources with your school teams and consider ways to consistently implement interventions districtwide.

  • School Leaders: Bring these strategies to PLCs, staff meetings, or MTSS and Student Support team meetings to share with staff and support students at every tier. 

  • Classroom Teachers and Support Staff: Try these activities in class, small group, or individual settings to support the academic growth of every student. 

Download the toolkit to access and share these strategies. 

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