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Behavior Incident Report Templates

Ask yourself: Does your school’s behavior incident report lead to actionable data?

This year, conversations about student behavior are everywhere. Teachers feel bogged down by behavior incident reporting, unsure of its value, and unsupported in managing student behavior. 

Well-designed behavior incident report forms make reporting easier, and contribute to reporting that helps teachers see the value.

Getting clear and consistent on what incident data you’re collecting and why will make reporting easier and help generate more reliable and usable data.

What's Inside This Toolkit?

✔ Template: Minor Incident Report 
✔ Template: Major Incident Report

✔ Guide: How To Use Panorama's Incident Report Templates

This toolkit includes free downloadable incident report templates for major and minor incidents based on Behavior Logging in Panorama for Positive Behavior.

You'll also receive a guide to our incident report templates. The guide walks through how each of the questions included in the report forms helps you to collect the right data to determine effective positive behavior interventions.


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