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Behavior-Specific Praise Toolkit

A Toolkit of 5 Resources and Worksheets

Empower educators to create positive classroom environments and boost student engagement with behavior-specific praise

Responding to student behavior is one of the biggest challenges educators face today.

Teachers report receiving little to no training in classroom and behavior management, and issues related to student behavior are a leading cause of teacher burnout. School administrators report spending one to three hours each day responding to behavior incidents. At the same time, as many as one in five students experience a mental health or behavioral challenge during their K-12 education career and need access to research-based interventions and supports. 

Educators must be equipped to respond to student behavior in meaningful ways. Delivering regular, consistent, and positive feedback to students in the form of behavior-specific praise is a powerful Tier 1 Intervention to increase student engagement, build positive relationships, and improve school climate.

This toolkit is designed to equip teachers and staff to use behavior-specific praise to create positive, engaging learning environments. Empower your school or district’s PBIS teams, support staff, and teachers to address problem behavior and increase positive behavior.

What's Inside This Toolkit?

✔ Guide: Behavior-Specific Praise in Your School
✔ Resource: 4 Positive Behavior Interventions from Panorama’s Playbook

✔ Implementation Template: Supporting School-Wide Use of Behavior-Specific Praise
✔ Worksheet: Establishing & Teaching Class-Wide Behavior Expectations
✔ Worksheet: Promoting Positive Student Behavior

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