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Check-In/Check-Out Toolkit

Implementation Guide and Templates


Learn how to implement this popular evidence-based intervention to promote positive student behavior.

Check-In/Check-Out (also known as CICO) is one of the most popular behavior interventions across schools. An evidence-based strategy, it helps students build connections with educators as they work together to improve student behavior. 

To help educators implement CICO in their classrooms, we’ve developed this toolkit. Inside, you’ll find:

  • A complete guide to Check-In/Check-Out, including step-by-step instructions to implement the intervention in the classroom.
  • Daily progress report templates, downloadable as both a Google Doc and Google Sheet, that can be customized and printed for daily student and teacher usage.


Whether you are a classroom teacher working directly with students, a member of a school-based PBIS team working to support teachers, or a district leader building out a district-wide intervention menu, we hope this toolkit will be a powerful resource to help you promote positive behavior across your schools.


Download the toolkit: