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Decreasing Absenteeism

A Toolkit for District Leaders
Book Thumb_ Decreasing Absenteeism Toolkit

16 million.

This is the number of students who are chronically absent in the United States according to the most recent data. Defined as missing 10% or more of the year, chronic absenteeism is one of the most critical issues facing school and district leaders today.

The need to improve attendance is pressing, but the path to improvement is not always clear. That's why we created this toolkit with proven tools and practical guidance to help you reduce chronic absenteeism in your district. When students regularly come to school they can learn and thrive.

What’s in the toolkit? 

  • 4 Evidence-Based Attendance Interventions. Authentically engage families and students to improve attendance with these four proven strategy guides from Panorama Playbook. [Intervention Guides]
  • Nudge Letter. Share this template with building leaders and attendance interventionists to support sending timely Nudge Letters, a proven attendance intervention. [Template]
  • Attendance Self-Assessment for School Teams - A tool from Attendance Works. Identify strengths and opportunities to develop a systemic approach to reducing chronic absence. [Worksheet]
  • Improving Student Attendance with Data Analytics. Learn how to identify trends and students who need attendance support with the Panorama Student Success data platform. [Guide]

Download the toolkit to access and share these strategies with your school and district teams. 

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