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A District Leaders' Guide: 
Building Teacher Capacity for SEL


How can district and school administrators support classroom teachers as they build capacity for SEL?

As a school or district leader, you may be concerned about potential barriers to bringing systemic social-emotional learning to your district. You may face challenges like teacher burnout, skill-building for SEL instruction, and gaining buy-in for SEL.

This guide is built on feedback from teachers, and shares how district and school leaders can support in creating the best social-emotional and academic learning opportunities for students. Explore strategies for:

  1. Addressing teacher burnout by prioritizing adult SEL and well-being

  2. Making SEL more than "just another thing" on teachers' plates

  3. Building teacher skills and capacity around SEL

By downloading this guide, you'll get access to:

  • Actionable strategies for prioritizing adult SEL, offering support for classroom SEL, and delivering PD around SEL
  • Tangible resources like toolkits and webinar recordings to further your learning and share with your team

Download the guide: