How can district and school administrators support classroom teachers as they build capacity for SEL?

As a school or district leader, you may be concerned about potential barriers to bringing systemic social-emotional learning to your district. You may face challenges like teacher burnout, skill-building for SEL instruction, and gaining buy-in for SEL.

thumb Re Brand A District Leader’s Guide to Building Teacher Capacity for SEL (dragged)This guide is built on feedback from teachers, and shares how district and school leaders can support in creating the best social-emotional and academic learning opportunities for students. Explore strategies for:

  1. Addressing teacher burnout by prioritizing adult SEL and well-being

  2. Making SEL more than "just another thing" on teachers' plates

  3. Building teacher skills and capacity around SEL

By downloading this guide, you'll get access to:
  • Actionable strategies for prioritizing adult SEL, offering support for classroom SEL, and delivering PD around SEL
  • Tangible resources like toolkits and webinar recordings to further your learning and share with your team