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Family Engagement Toolkit

When families are partners in education, students thrive.

Support Family Engagement With These Survey Questions and Resources

As schools and districts work to create positive learning environments, it’s crucial they encourage family engagement. Research shows when schools successfully engage families, students are more likely to succeed. Students with highly engaged parents and caregivers:

  • Earn higher test scores
  • Develop better social skills
  • Are more likely to graduate

Additionally, families are showing increased interest in being involved in their children’s education program. By proactively engaging families by administering engagement surveys, reducing barriers to engagement, and encouraging frequent check-ins, schools and districts can ensure families are true partners in education.

What's Inside This Toolkit?

✔ Panorama's Family-School Relationships Survey: Over 100 questions that elevate family voice in their child’s educational journey.

✔ Reducing Barriers to Family Engagement: Guide to understanding how your district can address common barriers to engagement with families.

✔ Home Visits Toolbox: A strategy that empowers your educators to initiate (or rethink) a home visit program and authentically connect with families.

✔ Parent-Teacher Conference Conversation Guide: Questions and prompts to guide conversation during Parent-Teacher Conferences and throughout the school year.


Your school or district can use this toolkit to develop meaningful family engagement initiatives. Because when families are partners in education, students thrive.

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