Find the words to explain social-emotional learning in your community.

As a social-emotional learning leader in your district, you understand the value of social-emotional growth for students—and you also see firsthand that many families struggle to understand what SEL means for their students.

Research has shown that families support social-emotional learning when it’s presented in plain language as something integrated with academic success and community values.

This toolkit provides advice from Social-Emotional Learning Leader of the Year R. Keeth Matheny and gives you the language and resources you need to communicate with families about social-emotional learning and engage them as partners.

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What's Inside This Toolkit?

Cheatsheet: R. Keeth Matheny aka “Coach Rudy”: Four Principles for Partnering With Families on SEL [PDF]

Template: SEL Language for Your School or District Website [Word/Google Doc]

Customizable Slide Deck: Social-Emotional Learning Presentation for Families [Google Slides]

Tip Sheet: 20 Tips for Building Family Buy-In for SEL Surveys [PDF]