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Toolkit: Funding Resources for District Leaders

Empowering Sustainability and Innovation in K-12
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Explore Pathways for Lasting Funding

Obtaining funds for crucial initiatives is a significant obstacle for district administrators and their school boards.

Districts are continuously tasked with finding creative and fiscally responsible ways to fund initiatives and tools. 

This toolkit provides district leaders, their cabinets, and school board members with a set of resources for navigating funding decisions ahead of upcoming ESSER fiscal cliff in September 2024—and beyond.

What’s in the toolkit? 

  • Grant Cover Letter Template. Access a customizable grant cover letter template that includes exemplar funding justification language for Panorama tools.
  • Strategies to Navigating the ESSER Cliff. A guide to proactively manage the impending ESSER fiscal cliff and find fiscally responsible ways to sustain funding for key initiatives and tools.
  • Top Competitive and Foundation Grant Opportunities. Browse our curated listing of competitive grants and unique foundation or corporate funding opportunities that can be used to fund student success solutions.
  • 7 Best Practices for a Successful Grant Proposal. Gain inspiration from the Panorama Grants Team and learn about our recommendations for writing a high-quality grant proposal to fund ed-tech solutions. 
  • Funding Rationale and Alignment Guides. Grab-and-go flyers that outline a funding rationale and grant eligibility for Panorama Education's tools.

Download the toolkit to access and share these resources with your school and district teams. 

Download Now: